Bluetooth Headset Wireless Headphone with Mic


Amazon Customer

Love it at first but now not so much

Update since originally reviewed- The customer service department reached out to me to figure out what happened. I appreciate their follow through, maybe my headset wasn’t perfect but I can appreciate great customer service trying to work to resolve the issue. I loved this product when I first got it but now it turns off for no reason. Also it will not allow me to answer the phone with headset buttons. I purchased this January 2023


Best For Work From Home

I use this headset for working from home job and it’s great for mom who have toddlers. No background noise. The only thing bad is my mute button doesn’t work.


Noise cancellation

I bought these for the noise cancellation because i wfh with a toddler and they are phenomenal. It can hurt your ear after wearing it for a while but they are great for noise cancellation.


Noise cancelling

Noise cancelling but does not mute when on call etc … or off call. What is point of mute button

Dafne Echevarria

Good for price

Bought to use at wok, connected immediately, awesome reception and blue tooth works great. Battery life great, charging just once a week. Mute only works while someone is on the line with you. All my coworkers want one, right know it has a 31% off

MamaBear in the PNW

Love this headset for work!

This is my second headset from this company. My first headset was the model before this one and the only reason I replaced it was because it completely dief after 3 years of constant use. I use it for work as I work remotely, its comfortable and blocks outside noise. My husband and I share an at home office and we will both be in meetings or on the phone and he can't hear my caller/coworkers and they can't hear him. Love this headset, its wireless, comfortable, and dependable!


Mute button stoped working

overall this is a great headset but, just yesterday the mute button stopped working, it will say "mute on" but customers can still hear this happened after about 3 months of use


Updated: Will not pair consistently, when it does, it drops quickly

I need a headset that can connect simultaneously with my work PC and my cell phone. This will connect to the phone for both voice and audio, however on the PC it will only recognise the audio. I've never had this issue with my Plantronics V5200, as it connects seamlessly to both. When I did manage to get the mic to connect with the PC, it dropped off the cell phone. So it is not useful to me. Works ok if I only want to listen to a pod cast, but that's no why I bought it. Update: I gave the set to my son and he is completely satisfied with the audio. He doesn't use the mic so I can't evaluate if he has connection problems. But I'm glad that he was able to use them.


Disappointed but Customer Svc is great

I've had this product from my save for later folder because I was looking for a cordless headset for work, I work from home 10hrs a day so I need a reliable headset to perform my task, i did my research and this product gets good and promising reviews. The sound in this headset is horrible, I ask for replacement and it performed the same. The foams are not comfortable for a long term wear. I am updating my stars from 2 to 4 just because I appreciate the effort the customer svc took on helping me with the issue.

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