Bluetooth Neckband Earbuds 120 Hours Extra Long Playback with Microphone



Would be nice if your guys added a SDCard slot

Would be nice if your guys added a SDCard slot as a backup when you run out of power on the separate device that feeds the music.



Ok, these are the best invention since sliced bread. I must have bought 2 pair of ear buds a month for like, 6 months. Don't laugh, but we rescued a 2 year old seized, severe cherry eye, liquid bowel, like 60 lb...all sunkin rib (he's 120 pounds now) he is also 5 ft 5in tall, I'm only 5 ft 6. Well he was awesome from the beginning, but had one habit that, though it made me lol, got expensive. If he wanted to play (he now does it with my husband and his hat lol) anyway, he would walk by, and if he heard the sound, he would leap, gently snack, and take off...never to be found agai some how 🤔 these , i got last year. He can Satch but can't take off lol. No more dropping one bud. They are all attached... I use them for like 10 or so hours at LEAST a day listening to books or music, and i charge i once a monthish not because it needs it, but because i don't want to have ot not charged when I need it ...I might. They are also crazy durable, have withstood abuse from a 120 lb mastiff, a 11 month old ( I have to grab and run) 80lb creme retriever, and a 80 pond walker hound, which means drooled on (ewe) , snagged, kicked, stretched, rubbed on, rolled on,angc( not the puppers, fell asleep while still around the neck, ao.. yes. Highly recomended.


Battery could last nearly a month on a charge!

The battery seems to keep on going. I've had it a week and have lost maybe 20% charge. It's also far more responsive than any other I've used when pairing to a source such as a phone or otherwise. Sound quality isn't something for listening to music though, but it's fine for phone calls.

Miss Alexandra S Park


BIG BATTERY means big mass . If you have other stuff going on around your neck Like backpack straps across your Sternum they get in the way a little bit

Autumn Branscome


Amazing! the battery life on these are amazing, one charged took me through a month with some pretty heavy use. My husband also has a pair and was able to go almost as long (he uses his when he sleeps), they only down side is the volume. In order to change the volume you have to click AND hold for a few seconds or else you will change the song or show or what ever, all other ear buds I have had have been the other way around. Because of that I knock it down a half a star (4.5 in total) - The battery life alone is worth it for these babies

C. Niefert

So far I’m amazed!

I bought these two weeks ago. Will update if anything changes. I keep multiple Bluetooth headphones so I can use around the house, at work, and in bed. I really love my Santana Gypsy earbuds, but they last me 1-1.5 years and they are getting harder to find. I am not a headphone connoisseur or snob. I just like to listen to podcasts/videos, make phone calls when necessary, and rock out to my music once in a while. I couldn’t resist giving these a try considering the price, and so far I am very happy with my purchase. I like that these headphones seem to be very sturdy. They sit on my neck comfortably and the wires are not long to where I can catch them on things and break them. I can comfortably turn my head even though the wires are shorter. The earbuds fit comfortably. I added the included ear wings so they would fit more securely. Some reviews complained about sound, but I think these are fine, especially considering what I paid for them. When making phone calls, I realized I needed to be sure the end of the neckband was not sitting under my shirt collar. This ensures calls are clear and I can be heard as well. Now for the best part. The thing that absolutely blows me away about these headphones is the battery life. I was skeptical over claims these held a charge for 100+ hours. It is absolutely true! The day I received my order, I checked them on my phone. They connected very quickly and my phone showed they were already charged 100%. I took them to work that night and after a full shift they were still at 100%. Nice. I used them every day, off and on throughout my day at home as I made phone calls and did housework. I used them at work during my entire shift. I used them when I came home and went to bed, winding down for a while before falling asleep with them on. The next morning, they were at 90% battery charge. What?! I continued this for 10 days without charging them a single time. When I got to 20% on Day 10, I got a prompt telling me to charge them. Even then, it was still 3 hours before they shut off (previous headphones had given me about a 10-minutes warning and that was all). When I finally charged them it took just under 3 hours and I was back to 100%. I love this! I hope these last a long time. I look forward to being able to vacation at a remote cabin and not worry about them running out of power if my hubby snores at night :) I would highly recommend you give these a try!